NFL: Never Fortify Losers


Disgusted by the “outrage” Colin Kaepernick unearthed by kneeling during America’s slave master helmed national anthem, I boycotted the NFL by declining to view, attend games, or purchase merchandise (besides a “replica” Kaepernick jersey from a dubious Chinese source on Ebay). It was apparent then and even more apparent now the NFL does not deserve my patronage. A Black man who publicly opts out the White Supremacist matrix and condemns police brutality is a pariah, while White Supremacists can converge on Charlottesville and be coddled by police.

Yesterday a good friend, a soror, contacted me to ask if I’d participate in a protest of the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” conflict. Beyond choosing where to spend my money, she was surprised to hear me say “Nope.” Giving White Supremacists my time, energy, and money only fortifies their endeavors. This was just one of my several conclusions in I Am A Black Man. We’re talking about people who LOST the Civil War 152 years ago, yet still idolize the symbols of their failed efforts. Our country, the one they claim to love so much, even defeated Hitler and the Nazis in WWII, but somehow they’re elevated as deities. These people are delusional, afflicted with levels of ignorance and cognitive dissonance so astronomically high they can’t be remedied by anything other than death. Their minds will likely never change and wasting my efforts to do so will only leave me tired, frustrated, and broke.

Black people must realize depriving White Supremacists of our talent, capital, and attention is the only way to ensure our survival, sanity, and dignity. Let their racist institutions (cough cough NFL) erode into irrelevancy as they attempt to stifle our collective consciousness. Let them worship LOSERS to comfort themselves while we become more educated and empowered. Point and laugh when they squander their resources to erect and protect stupid s**t like this:


Protest by divesting from local businesses and governments that support such foolery… and keep it moving. Concentrate our efforts on opening and sustaining our own enterprises to keep our hard earned dollars out of their hands. Nominate, support, and elect virtuous candidates to keep our tax dollars free from their coffers. Travel the world and connect with the Diaspora on more welcoming terms. Otherwise this will be you:



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