Why I Voted For Bernie Sanders

20160301_144003Today is Super Tuesday – the day voters in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia (whew!) decide between primary candidates. While writing, I’ve let my TV play in the background, halfway listening in disbelief, as people struggle with who to select as the next leader of the free world.  I can’t front, I haven’t been this entertained by foolery since 80s WWF and 90s Jerry Springer.  In my home state of Texas, I’ve shaken my head more than a few times at the Cruz and Carson bumper stickers that exclusively pop up at Rudy’s BBQ and Walmart.  Trump is obviously a Democratic plant, because there’s no way a candidate ventures that far into the land of irrationality without trying to sabotage his party.  Rubio sounds intelligent when the notes on his hand don’t wash away, but our ideological differences prevent me from taking him seriously.  Unfortunately, Deez Nuts failed to make the national ballot despite a valiant effort.  So the only remaining candidates with the potential to receive my vote were Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

My mom voted for Hillary.  I’m still not exactly sure of her rationale, but I suspect it has something to do with name recognition, 90s Clinton nostalgia, and wanting to see a woman have the rightful opportunity to lead a country that has continuously told women they are less than equal.  Perhaps she felt Hillary was deserving because of her willingness to serve as Secretary of State under Obama after the Black community turned its back on her in 2008.  Maybe she was influenced by all the Black endorsements Hillary seemingly pulled out of her pocket for primary season. Or maybe, just maybe, she genuinely felt HRC was the most qualified person for the job.  Whatever the reason(s), she refused to disclose them to me after seeing how my face tensed up upon learning of her decision.

I woke up this morning knowing there was only one candidate deserving of my effort to put on real clothes, de-stank my breath, and stand in line at my local elementary school for thirty minutes – Bernie Sanders.  I have a strong feeling my mom was just unaware of Bernie’s track record as a fighter for human and civil rights.  She obviously had no idea Bernie was jailed during the riots of the 60s for standing up for equality.  There’s no way my mom could have seen the image of Bernie chained to the leg of a fellow Black female protester, or the pics of him protesting Chicago’s racial segregation laws in 1962.  Around the same time, Hillary Clinton was a young Republican campaigning for Barry Goldwater, who promised to overturn the Civil Rights Act.

Bernie_Sanders_Arrested_1963_Chicago_TribuneHillary wasn’t there…Bernie ChainOr there…Bernie1962Or there…

That was all fifty years ago, so it’s easy to see how it may be irrelevant to folks today.  But what about more recent displays of character?  Bernie has stayed consistent throughout his twenty-five years as a Congressman and Senator.  While Hillary has flip-flopped on Iraq, mass incarceration, gay marriage, her relationship with Wall Street, and countless other issues, Bernie has been the same since day one. He has always been an advocate for equality. He has always fought against Wall Street and the wealthy exploiting the underprivileged.  He has never been a war monger, no matter what propaganda was used to rile up the country. Consistency is why Bernie Sanders earned my vote.  I couldn’t drink the Hillary Kool Aid in 2008 and it still doesn’t taste right in 2016.  Bernie ain’t new to this, he’s true to this. His Youtube footage is better than a Steph Curry highlight reel.  Don’t believe me just watch:

So to anyone still undecided out there, I ask you to vote Bernie Sanders.  We have a real opportunity to start a political revolution with him in the White House.  I’m off my soapbox now… Feel The Bern!