It’s Lit!

MeekArmsOutWhiteThe last few years have been a journey.  I became a homeowner, husband, parent, and single father in the span of 5 years.  I learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined.  It’s true – certain wisdom can only be attained through trial and tribulation.  While it wasn’t all easy, I am grateful for my experiences, as they made me stronger, wiser, and hungrier for success.  I have interesting new perspectives to share with the world about politics, parenting, and personal investment.

After succumbing to fear, pressure, and traditions, my entreprenurial fire burns hotter than it ever has .  In 2016, I will be opening the first, of what I hope to be several, fun and exciting escape rooms.  I am also completing my first book “I Am A Black Man,” a memoir highlighting the generational themes of debt, religion, and music in the Black family.

The road to eudaemonia is chock-full of potholes and bad drivers we must avoid; I can’t wait to resume speaking and encouraging folks to seek fulfillment in life.   I’m here to share my story and I hope you will join me in building a brighter future for our youth. Let’s go!